The Correct Method of Verifying Tenant Information

There is a right way and a wrong way to verify tenant information. Completing the process the wrong way can result in you renting to a tenant that may turn out to be a bad one.

To correctly verify tenant information you need to start by ensuring that the identifying information on a tenant’s application matches the information on their photo ID. Any information that does not match should be double checked to determine why it does not match. This can be the first sign of a dishonest tenant.

The second step in verifying tenant information is to pull the tenant’s credit report and analyze it. This will verify that the previous addresses the tenant has provided are correct and it will also allow you to determine if the tenant has ever been evicted from a property or is behind on paying their bills.

Verifying the landlords a potential tenant has rented from in the past is also part of the process. This involves contacting the tax assessor for the county you are renting out property in. You will then be able to obtain the names of a potential tenant’s previous landlord. When you contact each landlord, know in advance what questions you want to ask them and make sure to ask the same questions of each past landlord. Often times the landlord that a potential tenant currently has may not be the best source to verify information with as they may be angry that their tenant is interested in becoming your tenant instead.

These are the tools that you need to correctly verify a tenant’s information. The more thorough your method the more likely you will find the right tenant to rent to, as opposed to one who will cause you problems.

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