Tenant Verification In Five Steps

There are five simple steps for performing tenant verification. As long as each step is completed it should never be difficult to find a desirable tenant to rent to.

The tenant verification process begins as soon as you are in contact with the person for the first time. Chances are the first time you contact a potential tenant it will be over the phone. When you do you will want to establish whether or not you want to continue the tenant verification process with them. This involves informing them about any requirements for renting your property so you can ensure they meet those requirements before moving forward.

Step two of the tenant verification process is to actually show the rental property to the prospective tenant. While doing so you can get a good look at them. You will want to take note of their appearance and of how neatly they are dressed. You will also want to pay attention to how they carry themselves and what their personality says about them. If they appear to be messy or uncooperative chances are they will not be a good tenant.

A potential tenant’s reaction to the property you are showing them can also help you determine if you want to rent to them. Most people will ask questions about the property but if they seem overly critical they may be looking for things that are wrong with the property in the hopes they can use that to negotiate a lower rent with you. An enthusiastic tenant will want to sign a lease as soon as possible. The less they resist the better tenant they will likely make.

Step three is to have them submit a proper application for the rental property. Let them know that you will make a decision and get back to them. If you decide to approve them as a tenant, step four in the tenant verification process is to inform them of the time, date and location where they will be signing the lease with you. Step five, the final step in the tenant verification process is to go over the lease with them before they actually sign it in front of you. The process has now been completed in five easy steps and you are free and clear to schedule a move in date for your new tenant to prepare for properly.

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