An Overview of National Tenant Laws

When you work as a landlord you need to have an understanding of the national tenant laws. These laws govern what you can and cannot do in terms of performing tenant verification. This includes the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair Housing Accessibility Act, Fair Housing Laws and the Americans with Disability Act. Be aware that if your tenant verification process goes against any of these acts the tenant in question has the ability to contact the National Consumer Law Center, which fights for the rights of low income individuals to be able to rent housing.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act states that, as a landlord performing tenant verification, you have access to a potential tenant’s credit information and history. The Fair Housing Accessibility Act was created to protect tenants from being discriminated against based on categories such as skin color and race, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, disability status and familial status. Fair Housing Laws are governed by the Accessibility Act. Since 1990 the Americans with Disability Act has stated that landlords cannot discriminate against potential tenants over a diagnosed mental or physical disability.

Following all of these laws is the best way to ensure success as a landlord.

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