Factors of the Tenant Verification Process

There are several factors that come into play during the tenant verification process. It is important to be familiar with these factors before the process is begun. These factors include fees for screening tenants as well as evictions, tenant social security numbers, discrimination and domestic violence survivor screenings.

For the past three years new laws have been enforced when it comes to the tenant verification process. Before you collect the fee for performing the tenant verification you must find out from the tenant all the relevant information that will be needed. You are also required to inform them that any and all of the information they give you could be used to deny them the rental.

In today’s world it is not unusual for you to come across a tenant that has been evicted from a rental property in the past. This should not necessarily disqualify them from being able to rent from you. However, if the tenant is not honest with you upfront about their eviction you want to reconsider renting to them. If they are honest about it, give them credit for their honesty and use that honesty to help you determine if they are worth taking on as a tenant. There is a Tenant Union that people often turn to when they have been evicted from an apartment illegally and when they have won their eviction case in court.

Be aware of the fact that, as long as you comply with the law, it is acceptable to ask a possible tenant for their social security number. You have to either ask every tenant for their social security number or none of them for it. The Low Income Housing Tax Credit dictates that you don’t necessarily have to ask for a tenant’s social security number in order to rent to them.

When someone who has been the victim of domestic violence applies for a rental property there are laws in place to protect them. As a landlord you are not allowed to deny them a rental if they broke a prior lease to get out of a violent living situation. If you pay a company to perform your tenant screening you must be aware of the fact that if a potential tenant has been a victim of domestic violence the screening company will not legally be able to give you that information.

These are all factors to keep in mind when performing tenant verification.

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