Reasons To Verify Tenant Employment

Of all the steps needed to verify a new potential tenant one of the most important steps is to verify tenant employment. There are three good reasons why this needs to be done.

The most important reason why it is necessary to verify tenant employment is that unfortunately tenants don’t always tell the truth. Some may tell a little white lie while others may actually be con artists. It is a red flag and an instant disqualification to rent if you find out your tenant lied to you about their employment status. This is not someone you should trust enough to rent an apartment or house to.

When you call a tenant’s place of employment the tenant should be comfortable with you talking to anyone they work with. In the event that your tenant stresses to you to talk to one particular person only they may be plotting with that person to trick you into thinking the company is their employer.

Another reason why verifying employment is necessary is because people can have a stockpile of money without necessarily having a job. These people may very well try to trick you into thinking they have a steady income when they don’t have one.

The third reason to verify tenant employment is to protect both the tenant and your rental business. A tenant who breaks the law is not one it is safe to rent to and the chances are good that if there are involved in organized crimes they may not even work for a living. You will be protecting the best interests of your rental business by performing tenant employment verification. If you rent an apartment or house to a tenant and they do something while living on your property that leads to the illness or injury of a fellow tenant or a neighbor your business can be held legally liable and you can be taken to court.

Using online tenant screening is one way to prescreen your tenants and it will help make the process easier. You will find it far less time consuming to sift through potential tenant records if you implement prescreening of all your tenants. This allows you to only need to meet face to face with the tenants that passed the initial screening process. It is often the best way to verify tenant employment and other qualifications as well.

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