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Just got an email from a new customer:

I saw your ad while searching for tenant verification process. my husband and i are soon to be new landlords. Can you please tell me how accurate your verification for :

  • employment?
  • criminal records?
  • sex offenders?
  • evictions?

do you actually call the employer?

The questions from this customer is very typically, so I want to post my answer here for the benefit of everyone:

First of all, congratulations for being the first-time landlords! I am so glad that you reach out to us. Whether you eventually decide to use Tenantify or not, please use us as your resources if you have any tenant screening related questions.

Tenantify only focuses on employment and income verification. If you are interested in credit report, criminal history, eviction record, etc, please consider using another service. We recommend SmartMove (https://www.mysmartmove.com/). It is backed by TransUnion, one of the three credit bureaus in the US.

Our employment and income verification is quite accurate. Once a tenant provides us with consent, we can retrieve a bank statement directly from tenant’s bank. We can verify employment and income definitively if we find payroll direct deposits. If a tenant chooses not to give us such consent, we will call tenant employer. We will verify the employer phone number independently to prevent tenant fraud.

You can find more information here: https://tenantify.desk.com/customer/portal/articles/1489201-employment-verification and https://tenantify.desk.com/customer/portal/articles/1489201-employment-verification

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