BBB Accreditation

We have recently received a customer question:

I am interested in using your tenant verification services. I like your format and prices. I was just checking to make sure the business was legitimate and I see you are not BBB accredited, although Tenantify got a good score from them. Can you speak to your legitimacy? I want to protect myself and future tenants from fraud and this is my first time using an online background checking service.”

Here is our answer:

“This is Songhua, founder of Tenantify. I understand your concerns. In fact, I appreciate your effort to screen us before you trust us to screen your tenants. Our business is new but legitimate. Would it be helpful if you can speak with some of our current landlord / property manager customers? If so, I will reach out to some of them to get their permission. We did spoke with BBB, but quickly realized that it is similar to a “pay-to-play” scheme. We would have to pay hundreds of dollars to get BBB accreditation. We refuse to do so, to save money and to stand on our principle.”

In a nutshell, we strive to be open and transparent, but we refuse any pay-to-play scheme to enhance our credibility. We believe that our product and service will speak for itself and eventually will gain trust from customers.

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