Long Term Vision of Tenantify

Today we received a customer email that suggests us to incorporate all element of tenant screening (including credit check, criminal record, etc.).

We are so glad to receive this suggestion. For one thing, it is our plan all along. But more important, it shows how much our customers care about us and want us to provide the best tools for every landlord / property manager.

I responded to the customer with the following email. I think this email quite well laid out our vision and how we plan to get there.

“This is Songhua, founder of Tenantify. Thanks for the great suggestion. The long-term plan is to make Tenantify a destination for landlords. We will incorporate all elements of tenant screening, rent collection, repair request, etc.

We decided to focus on employment / income verification for now because it is a very unique offering. As far as I know, none of our competitors are doing it today. We just launched two month ago. Currently we do not have many customers, but all our customers love
our service and keep coming back. I believe a few are getting all prospective tenants through us.

The plan is to get enough landlords onto our platform with employment / income verification. Then we will devote IT resources to integrate
with one of the three credit bureaus, and hopefully get our existing customers to adopt us for overall tenant screening.

That said, I understand that it does not provide everything you need today. I suggest you still give us a try. All you need to do is to send a request and wait for the verification outcome from us. We handle everything behind the scene. I hope the value from employment /
income verification will offset the hassle of managing one extra tool.

Thanks again, and please let me know if you have further questions / suggestions.”

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