The Future of the News Business: A Monumental Twitter Stream All in One Place

Let me test out how reblog works. This article has nothing to do with Tenantify’s theme, but I highly respect Marc and his belief in how technology will change the world. In some way, that’s what Tenantify is all about – using technology to scale the old-fashioned tenant verification.

Marc Andreessen

I am more bullish about the future of the news industry over the next 20 years than almost anyone I know. You are going to see it grow 10X to 100X from where it is today. That is my starting point for any discussion about the future of journalism. Here’s why I believe it, and how we will get there.

Journalism has changed

There has been a fascinating change in the traditional journalistic press over the last several years. Take corrections as an example. It used to be that corrections to printed news stories were a really big deal. There was a high bar to get a correction accepted in a newspaper or magazine. The story as printed was the permanent record.

That was then.

Now, even top print newspapers and magazines frequently revise stories online, sometimes dozens of times, often without tracking changes or acknowledging a change has been…

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